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I.T Management Solutions

Business  / Office / Soho

Most start-up company only has a limited budget to allocate to IT spending. In most cases
the owner, who often serves as the IT manager as well, makes an uninformed technology choice. Don't let this happen to you, Unicorn helps to make the everyday operations easier and more efficient by automating and simplifying core tasks and process.


Remote Access Support

The growth of wireless networking, mobile telephony and broadband Internet access make working from anywhere a reality.

Unicorn offers integrated centralized administration solutions that utilize Microsoft remote desktop services and Window server to facilitate and maintain optimum remote connectivity thus allowing an office network to increase individual productivity and overall effectiveness. You are not able to instant access remote /HQ office for all applications, files and resources.

Application Support

Unicorn provides your company with the proper protection and monitoring to keep your business safe. Without taking a serious pro-active approach to protecting your valuable business data and computing systems you put your business at risk.

We provide multi-layer of I.T security solution, from end-user PC to your edge of your network. Unicorn comprise virus protection to edge firewall and redundant .

Recovery Data From Unconditional Hard-drive Or Memory Stick

There is every possibility that your hard drive has crashed. This is not a job for your neighborhood computer repair store. This is a job for us, your data recovery experts. If you are encountering any of these issues, please turn off your computer so that more damage is not incurred. We will reach you for your hard drive recovery.

You can call our Hotline and get a free estimate cost on hard disk recovery. There will be no obligation and no hard sell tactics. You will receive honest answers and an extremely fair quote.
Our Confidentiality policy is based on the following:
  • Data will be returned to registered customer only (data owner).
  • No dissemination of information will be given to colleagues, IT departments, spouse or family members unless data owner has presented Dareco with a signed letter of authorization.
  • Under no circumstances will data be released to third parties
  • Only recovery engineer and assigned duty manager have access to recovered data
  • Recovered data is kept on secure data storage server within our business premises
  • All backup copies of recovered data will be automatically purged from secure data storage server within 14 days of account closing or as soon at customer requests
  • A Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will be signed by both parties and certified by LHDN Malaysia prior to commencement of diagnostic process
  • Shipped data will be encrypted upon request